Ditch the nav bar on the latest Samsung phones with One UI

With OneUI and Android Pie, Samsung — like Google and OnePlus — is offering a gesture navigation system option to replace the traditional nav bar if you so choose. Unlike Google and OnePlus, Samsung’s version keeps the Recents “button” alongside Home and Back, and even has two modes to help you ease into your bar-less experience. Whether you want to try the new modes or just want to put your nav buttons back the way you want them, everything lives in one simple menu.

Samsung phones with OneUI

How to adjust your navigation settings in Samsung OneUI

  1. Open the Settings app (gear icon).
  2. Tap Display.
  3. Scroll down and tap Navigation bar.

    SettingsDisplayDisplayNavigation barNavigation bar

  4. By default, if you hard-press where the home button normally is on the screen while the screen is off, the screen will wake. To adjust that sensitivity, tap Hard press Home button.
  5. To not skip your lock screen by hard pressing the home button, tap Unlock with Home button to toggle it off.
  6. Tap Full screen gestures to try out Samsung’s gesture navigation system.
  7. Scroll down and tap the Button order you prefer. Samsung traditionally has the nav bar set to [Recents, Home, Back] as opposed to the more normal [Back, Home, Recents] used by most manufacturers.

    Hard press and unlock

    Hard press and unlockFull screen gesturesFull screen gesturesGesture hints offGesture hints off

By default when you swap to full-screen gestures, you’ll still see three slim lines at the bottom of the bar, which help train your fingers as to where each of the nav gestures sit at the bottom of the screen. Once you’re sure you’re comfortable with the gestures, scroll to the bottom of the Navigation bar menu and tap Gesture hints to remove the three lines and give yourself a full-screen experience.

Our pick

Samsung Galaxy S9

Get the latest Samsung navigation at reasonable prices

The Galaxy S10 is almost here, and that’s put the S9 on sale almost everywhere, even though it’s still a top-tier phone with a top-tier screen — without a hole punch in its top corner.

Deep discounts make this flagship even more affordable while still letting you try out Samsung’s new Android 9 Pie and One UI software. While this model is almost year old, it’s by no means outdated.

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