Keep your Eero router up, up, and away with these super mounts

Your Eero router is the cornerstone of your digital life, and the cornerstone of your connected home devices, and it simply wouldn’t do to have it damaged or dirtied as you go about your life. That’s where wall mounts come in. They keep your router out of sight, out of reach, and out of harm’s way while also boosting your signal range. These Eero mounts will prop up your Eero router like a champ.

Clean and professional

Mrount Eero Wall Mount Bracket

Specifically designed for the Eero, this mount’s shell is made from solid plastic and is designed so that it never interferes with the connection of the Eero router. It also comes with three wall anchors and screws for easy installation. While the mount may be solid, it is light enough that you’ll be able to move it around without any struggle.

$9 at Amazon

Custom molded for Eero

HumanCentric Eero Wall Mount

Designed to securely fit against either the wall or the ceiling, the HumanCentric Eero wall mount is custom molded with a minimalistic plastic case. This mold is specifically made for your Eero router, so access to ports and buttons won’t be obscured when fitting the wall mount. Plus, depending on where you place your Eero wall mount, it’ll keep your product free from scratches.

$10 at Amazon

Three times the mount

MYRIANN Eero Wall Mount Holder (3 Pack)

With no unnecessary embellishments to the design, the MYRIANN wall mount is a clean, polished-looking mount that can be fixed to the wall in your living room, kitchen, bedroom or beyond. Acquiring an even better signal is also possible when you place the mount higher up, and there will be less risk the wall mount from being knocked over by children or pets.

$18 at Amazon

Extra security

AOZBZ Eero Wall Mount Bracket (3 Pack)

This semi-transparent wall mount gives the illusion of the mount’s arms not being present. It can be placed anywhere as long as it is stabilized and comes with a mount hanger, if you’d prefer for it to hang loosely onto something like a cabinet. The addition of the mount’s arms at the bottom and sides is also ideal for keeping the product secured and steady, lessening the chance of the Eero router being knocked out.

$26 at Amazon

Compatible for Home/Pro

Koroao Eero Wall Mount

Compatible with both the Eero Home Wi-Fi and Eero Pro Wi-Fi, it is easy to push-in and push-out to connect the Eero router to this wall bracket. You’re able to mount it on any vertical surface such as a wall or ceiling, ensuring you get the perfect signal. It’s also made out of a durable, lightweight plastic.

$13 at Amazon

Metal protection

Allicaver Eero Wall Mount Holder (3 Pack)

Allicaver’s Eero wall mount is made of metal, which gives it a smooth, solid feel. It has two arms at each side, which you can use to slide the Eero router in to be cradled by the bottom arm of the wall mount. It also comes with 6 screws and drywall anchors to help mount on the wall.

$16 at Amazon

You’ll need an Eero mount that will protect your router from getting dirty or damaged by yourself, your kids or even your pets. There’s also the matter of stability, keeping your router safe and secure. With security and aesthetics in mind, AOZBZ Eero Wall Mount Bracket is the perfect fit for any home.

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