Protect your investment with these Galaxy S10 screen protectors

The Galaxy S10 has got a great, big, beautiful screen with some new tricks inside — like that fancy ultrasonic fingerprint sensor — but those tricks make buying a screen protector all the more important and all the more difficult. See, that in-screen fingerprint sensor can’t tolerate any air bubbles or gaps between the screen and the screen protector, so right now your best bets are either going to be plastic film protectors or screen protectors that have been certified by Samsung, which the Whitestone Dome Glass has been.

Note: Plastic or “film” screen protectors should work just fine with the in-screen fingerprint sensor, but when it comes to tempered glass, only Whitestone’s Dome Glass is certified to work with it. All other tempered glass screen protectors are a gamble for now.

Samsung Certified

Whitestone Dome Glass (2-Pack)

Whitestone’s Dome Glass screen protectors use a UV curing wet-install system to ensure a secure fit, and so far they claim to be the only tempered glass screen protectors certified to work with the Galaxy S10’s ultrasonic in-display fingerprint sensor. Whitestone is mighty proud of its products and its pricing reflects that, but it’s still cheaper than replacing a broken screen.

$60 at Whitestone

Barely there

Qoosea Ultra-Thin Explosion-Proof (3-Pack)

Let’s hope your phone doesn’t need to test that “Explosion-Proof” claim, but this three-pack of protective films are easy to apply, thin enough to not get in the way, and give you spares should you rip or warp the first one. Plastic film protectors like these are easier to keep air bubbles out of, which means they shouldn’t have any issues with your fingerprint sensor.

$8 at Amazon


Pulen Anti-Scratch PET Film (3-Pack)

Like the Qoosea, this three-pack of films are designed to go right over the hole-punch selfie cameras cleanly and keep air bubbles from interfering with the fingerprint sensor. These case-friendly films shouldn’t get peeled up by your case’s corners, allowing you to offer your screen some scratch protection as you carry it in your purse with keys and coins.

$9 at Amazon

Smooth and Scratch-resistant

Bersem Non-Glass Film (2-Pack)

This is only a two-pack, but these thin TPU screen protectors are self-healing, case-friendly, bubble free, water and fingerprint resistant, and smooth to the touch so you aren’t fighting friction when you try to break your high score. These screen protectors also come with a 1-year warranty if you run into problems with them.

$9 at Amazon

We’ll keep updating this guide as more screen protectors come in and more companies get their protectors to play nice with that in-display fingerprint sensor, but for now, you can trust the expensive but UV-cured Whitestone Dome Glass screen protectors, or you can grab yourself some simple scratch protection like the Pulen Anti-Scratch PET Film

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